Tuesday, January 27, 2004
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Hi there again.Ok,The skin of this site is up,the music of this site is on too and those Html.I know it take quite some time,going quite slow but please be patient with it cos i really need some time to find the skin and all the solve for those link cos this time is diff for those other site i make.I need to find out how to link those link, how to make those playlist to be play, how to make those movie to be view when you people wan to download it, how to make those progarm ,movie , music works when you people wan to download it.Also to make those border box to paste those music codes in there also to make those music play so you people and lister to it before you paste it onto your home page, website, etc.Also i have to look for nice wall paper too for you guy to down load it.Well if you people ask me why am i doing all this?and why do i do it for free?well i guess i can just say..this is my Interests and Hobbies,i just love to design thing and doing this to pass my time too.I don't study much and my eng is really bad but i love to learn,I love to learn as many thing as i could.I am really still new to all this web design too,still have much to learn about.Second is i really want you people to really enjoy and relax in my site.I hope this is the most entertainment site you people ever go : ) ok well...Please come back again for more update,see you !
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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
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Wednesday, January 14, 2004.Hi there everyone.This is waton here.Ok, This is my new site for you people to download Music, Documents, Games, Playlists, Software, Program, Desktop Videos and Music codes for ur site.Also to Play/ View/ Use Music, Playlists, Software and Video files.In this site every thing will be free,you do not need to pay for any thing else,all are free ! so please if u have any movie, Documents, Games, Playlists, Software, Program, Desktop, Videos and Music codes Please do donate or upload to my site,I will be very happy and thankfull for that.To donate or upload you can send me the files or your contact though my e-mail below.You can also e-mail me if you have any Qns/FAQ,Feel free to ask any Qns you like.Web user now you can find some Music code,Wall paper or maybe Animation which i thinking to adding it on.Those Music codes and wall paper mught not be as much as other site but some are really nice music and wall paper that you might wan that you can easy find in here,who know?Maybe you might need it,right?Download link will start to patch today but due to some promble download will might be deley,?It might slow down abit.Thank You very much.
posted by . on Wednesday, January 14, 2004

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